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Why Choose PTSM?

Our Mission

The Port Townsend School of Massage was born out of a strong desire to make a contribution to community through the massage profession. Our commitment is focused on recognizing, supporting and enriching each individual while providing a community oriented learning environment which fosters excellence in natural therapies. At PTSM we strive for excellence—one massage therapist at a time.

Our programs include three main areas of emphasis:

  • The best traditional and innovative massage techniques
  • An extensive holistic knowledge of the human body
  • An embodiment of the highest professional integrity


Holistic Emphasis

Incorporated into the curriculum is information on natural solutions to health and wellness. We want to share with our students’ information on body awareness and self-care strategies. PTSM aims to reach each individual, not only through teaching theory and technique, but also in improving and supporting each student’s personal state of being.

Our Faculty

Our faculty is dedicated to PTSM and the success of each student. Many of our instructors are trained in multiple fields, lending additional insight to their instruction. The instructors have practiced in their respective fields and bring personal and direct experience from working with clients to their instruction.

Our Curriculum

PTSM graduates students who have achieved excellence in both academic and hands-on skills. Coursework is carefully selected to meet the requirements of the State of Washington; is offered in a logical and sequential manner, and offers our students state-of-the-art modalities for future success and employability.

Our Scheduling Options

Our Professional Licensing Programs allow our students to choose from two flexible formats; a Weekday Program or Weekend Program. These scheduling options help accommodate our students while working, allowing for family life, having enough time to accomplish everything required, and retain the material taught in class.

Our Location

The heritage and history of the Pacific Northwest is still honored in Port Townsend. The Native Americans respected this area as a place of growth, healing and transformation. The majestic mountains and calming waters, the recreational opportunities and the amazing sense of community surrounding Port Townsend draw many students to PTSM.

Our Reputation among Graduates, Peers, and Employers

Our graduates are highly respected. Through our programs they receive excellent skills training and in-depth practice with a variety of modalities. This strengthens our profession and helps our graduates obtain success quickly after completing our programs. 

Our Tuition

Your investment in your education will provide you with excellent value. We have several possibilities for financial aid including payment plans, VA benefits under the GI Bill and Worksource Funding for those who are eligible.

Our Focus on Learning Style

Finding your individual learning style is an important part of acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to becoming a licensed massage practitioner. Knowing the way you learn is just as important as what you learn. We will work with you to find your optimal learning style.

In addition, our classes are smaller than many Western WA massage therapy schools which allows us to pay close attention to your individual needs. This intimate atmosphere creates a wonderful learning environment where long, deep friendships can develop.

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