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Myofascial Release

Instructor: Steve Heinrich, PT October 14-15 – 2017

16 CE hours, $300 by Sept. 30, after $325



MFR is the process of releasing deeply held pain patterns which are internalized in the body. Therapists who perform MFR believe that physical, emotional, and spiritual pain and the memory of that pain is stored not only in the mind but in the tissues of the body as well. This principle of "body memory" is based on quantum physics, research, and the experiences of thousands of health care practitioners and patients. Myofascial Release is body work at the highest levels of intention and skill and builds upon your other treatment skills to help you become a master clinician.

At the end of this 16 hour MFR class, students will be able to identify, evaluate and treat: adaptive shortening of soft tissue and muscles, trigger points, postural dysfunction, neck, back and sacroiliac pain, scar tissue, postural dysfunction patterns, and difficult/complex patients.


Steve Heinrich, PT has been a practicing physical therapy for nearly 35 years. He is a physical therapist in Spokane, WA and has been teaching seminars for over 25 years. Myofascial Release grew out of the exceptional work pioneered by John Barnes over the last 4 decades. Steve is a senior clinical instructor with Myofascial Seminars. Inc. and has studied with John Barnes.


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