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Art & Craft of Energy Medicine

Instructor: Gloria Two Feathers, LMT September 23-24 - 2017
16 CE hours, $295 by Sept. 9, $325 after  


Art and Craft of Energy Medicine explores the dynamic relationship between philosophy and application methods in a body-oriented learning environment. This workshop embraces and integrates the cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of the healing process. This training unites the passionate, life-giving nature of the spirit with the art and craft of healing.

Class Objectives

  • Access the inner resources of center, ground, intention, and presence
  • Demonstrate appropriate body mechanics
  • Identify proper breahing techniques
  • Participate in, practice and utilize theory and techniques
  • Define and implement the key components of hands-on healing
  • Develop intra- and inter-personal skills essential to energy healing
  • Integrate the chakra system and the physical body
  • Identify the chakra system and its dynamic effects of healing and its role in illness
  • Discuss and identify ethical considerations
  • Apply the energy healing sequence to a particular region of the body 


 Gloria Two Feathers, LMT is both trained as an Energy Healer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She became an LMP in 1985 after studying at Seattle Massage School and had a private massage practice for 14 years in Edmonds, WA. She studied alternative energy techniques with Lino Alelyunas of the Inner Light Mystery School for 3 years while it was located in Seattle.

As a Native American with Scottish bloodlines, her body of work and teaching style is influenced and enriched by her unique ethnic background and perspective. She was instructed by Lakota Elder, Buck Ghost Horse for about twenty years in spirituality, ritual and culture. She has studied Shamanic healing extensively with Michael Harner, Leslie Conton and Carol Proudfoot. 

Guidance has been gratefully received from other teachers such as: Anodea Judith, Rosalyn Bruyere, Caroline Myss, Norman Shealy, Bob Proctor and others via workshops and one-on-one teachings. As an expert in energy healing and an inspirational teacher, Gloria has been leading others in alternative energy classes, seminars and workshops since 1996. She founded and was director of the EarthWalk Energy School. In 2009, Gloria completed the highly esteemed 100 hour Spirit of Learning Teacher Certificate program with Carey Elizabeth Smith at the Body Therapy Institute in North Carolina.

Teaching is my passion. My philosophical belief is that a classroom is a community where all of the students are important contributors to the learning experience of the whole.

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