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Ethics, Naturally

Instructor: Greg Bolton, LMT October 20– 2018

6 CE hour, $105 by Oct. 6, after $125



While there are overlapping issues between ethics and the law and good business practices, we will focus mostly on areas that are not clearly defined by the Massage Act or massage associations Codes of Ethics. Each Ethics, Naturally workshop stands alone yet builds on information and personal awareness that the group brings with them to class. The topics covered are general with group dynamics and interests helping to direct the discussions.

Ethics, Naturally begins by looking at the basics of Beliefs, Values, Boundaries, Dual-Role Relationships and may include discussions around fee structures, location of practice, sharing space with other professionals, sharing information,, practices that fall outside of the scope of "massage therapy" (i.e., aromatherapy, exercises for rehab, etc.) as well as those issues that are brought to the class by participants.

Greg Bolton, B.S, LMT has been practicing massage therapy since 1984. He was a school administrator from 1986 to 1998 and is currently a massage school instructor of ethics, deep tissue, clinical treatments and sports massage - now for over 20 years. Since the 1980s, Greg has focused his studies on the emotional and spiritual components of bodywork - through personal work, private studies, and the grace of his clients. In his private practice, Greg focuses on working with clients who have challenging conditions, incorporating myofascial work with deep-tissue, soft-tissue manipulation, energy work and a focus on the emotional components of imbalance.


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