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Zero Balancing

Instructor: Rebekah Harbour, LMT, Sept. 30-Oct. 1,  - 2017
16 CE hours, $295 by September 14, $325 after  


Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a powerful and transformative bodywork developed by Osteopath Fritz Smith, MD. This work is done by placing gentle pressures into the bones, through the clothes, to relieve tension and pain that are held at the deepest levels - in the joints and bones. Providing support to high tension areas in your bones, even for a moment, allows the body to shift, rebalance and engage in a natural and powerful self-healing process. Our weekend will begin with a focus on the theory and principles of Zero Balancing. You will learn the significance of bone and bone energy, the energetic anatomy of the body, how to distinguish body energy and body structure through touch, the theory and application of fulcrums, the skill of using energy as a working tool, and how to integrate the tools and principles of ZB with other modalities.


Rebekah Harbour, LMT received her massage training at the San Francisco School of Massage and Zero Balancing practice and teacher training in Maryland. She holds a BS in Psychology and is a certified yoga instructor. Rebekah is a trained teacher and healer and travels internationally as a practitioner, teacher and speaker. She is passionate about sharing the healing potential of skilled touch with clients and students. She creates a learning environment for her students where learning is fun, new insights come with ease, and we can explore new skills and ideas with playful curiosity.



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