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Introduction to Thai Massage

Instructor: Mary Lakes, LMT March 10-11– 2018
16 CE hours,  $300 by March 3 , after $325  


Thai Massage is a 2500-year old healing form that was traditionally performed in temples by monks as acts of "loving kindness." It is also a science of manipulative therapy that works through adjustments of the body, using hand and foot pressure. The massage goes beyond the top layer of muscle down into the mechanical functions of the body. It addresses deep muscle and joint tension, mobility, nerves, muscles and ligaments, facilitating an optimal flow of energy in the body.

It has often been described as felling like "someone is doing yoga on you." It is traditionally done on a mat on the floor with a clothed client. Massage oil and skin-to-skin contact are not necessary for the work to be effective. The class will offer a selection of steps from the full form.

Mary Lakes, LMT - Her training includes three years undergraduate work in nursing and a two-year apprenticeship and study with lay midwives. After graduating from massage school in 1999, she assisted her primary Asian massage instructor for several years before becoming a primary instructor. In 2003, she completed Thai Massage Intensive Training in Chaing Mai, Thailand and was an instructor of Thai Massage at BSSI in Helena, MT from 2003-2007. She has had a successful Asian Healing Arts practice for nearly two decades. Whether it is sitting with a medicine man in a sweat lodge, facilitating a healing session, attending a workshop or teaching a classroom of interested students; opportunities for exchanging ideas about what harmonizes body, mind and spirit always excite me.


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