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Treating the Source of Headache Pain

Instructor: Joe Rodin, LMT October 27 - 2018
8 CE hours, $160 by October 13, after $175  


Treating the Source of Headache Pain

Headaches refer to a broad range of pain experienced in the head, face, and skull. They derive from any combination of various structures including nerves, sutures, sinuses, arteries, muscles, and functional and structural abnormalities. Sources can be local and remote from the site of pain. The key to treating headaches is combining the client's symptom profile with incisive history taking and prolific palpatory assessment. We can then differentiate among many sources and types of headache and base our treatments accordingly. In this workshop students will learn to differentiate between facial, sutural, TMJ, neurologic, structural and vestibular causes. They will also learn about migraine, tension, sinus, cluster and other headaches as well as their different presentations and targeted methods of treatment.

Joe Rodin LMT, currently lives in Seattle where he has a private practice. He received his initial massage training at the Brian Utting School. Joe has taught injury treatment at Everest College in Seattle and many other continuing education classes at schools in Washington and California. For 18 years, Joe has developed specialties in working with infants, head, neck and jaw problems, and neurologic conditions, along with an array of common and unique clinical conditions. Joe sites his long-term study with Dr. Loren Rex, an internationally known Osteopathic Physician and Dr. Milton Trager's approach, who founded the Trager Method and refined it for over 50 years., as major influences on his practice. Previously Joe taught yoga in the Seattle area for 18 years and was a practicing psychotherapist for 15 years as well.  


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