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Introduction to Ayurveda and Marma Therapy

Instructor: Leila G. von Stein, LMT October 28-29– 2017

16 CE hours (NCB Approved), $295 by Oct 14, after $325



In this two-day class we will begin with the basics of Ayurveda. This is a "Science of Life" that originated in India over 5000 years ago. This science offers invaluable tools for good health with a great emphasis on preventative medicine and building immunity. It is easier to maintain than regain.

In this course, we will begin with the basics of Ayurveda. You will discover your own unique constitution at the time of your birth. We will learn to assess ourselves and our clients through the lens of Ayurveda. Then we will delve into Marma Therapy, learning it history and covering the major marmani on the front and back of the body. Finally, we will learn how to integrate and customize Marma Therapy and massage.

Leila G. von Stein, LMT, C, Ay, CYT grew up in a small town in North Carolina. Wanderlust took her all over the world from Russia to Tasmania with many places in between and eventually set her on a path to learn as much as she could about holistic medicine. She continues this process today, as it is her belief that the more healing modalities we learn the better we can have a complete picture of health and of understanding what is happening with our clients.She studied Ayurveda and Marma Therapy with Dr. Vasant Lad in both New Mexico and India. She is a graduate of George Washington University, the Shambhava School of Yoga, the Ayurvedic Institute and the Port Townsend School of Massage.


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