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Professional Licensing Programs

The Port Townsend School of Massage has offered Professional Licensing Programs since 1996. Our mission is to create and provide a thriving learning community which fosters excellence in natural therapies. The commitment to recognizing, supporting and enriching each individual is an integral part of our program.

Program Overview

Our programs include three main areas of emphasis:

  • The best traditional and innovative massage techniques
  • An extensive holistic knowledge of the human body
  • An embodiment of the highest professional integrity


Scheduling Options

The program schedule allows our students to choose from two flexible formats; a Weekday Program or Weekend Program. These scheduling options help accommodate our students while working, allowing for family life, having enough time to accomplish everything required, and retain the material taught in class.

650-hour Weekday Program

Meets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and is completed in nine months.
525-hour Weekend Program

Meets Friday, Saturday and Sunday approximately every third weekend.  It is completed in fourteen months.

Course Descriptions

Classes are limited to 16 students and many hands-on classes have a teaching assistant to insure optimum individual attention for each student. 

Upon completion of all courses, the student is awarded a school certificate and is eligible to take the National States Licensing Exam and apply for their WA State License.

Both formats of our Professional Licensing Program for Massage Therapy exceed the state requirement of 500 hours.

For specific course descriptions and additional information on our programs, please

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